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Hi, I 'm Anandani


I'm an alignment coach, catalyst for profound transformation, past life regression therapist, yoga teacher, sound healer, guiding almost-burned-out, spiritually curious humans in healing their wounds, reclaiming their inner wisdom, and aligning their life with the life their Soul desires. 

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ALIGNMENT ACCELERATOR is a private coaching program to surmount your past, heal your wounds, and FAST-TRACK YOU to your authentic, empowered, vibrant Self and to a life that you OWN and consciously CREATE because it's aligned with your Soul's desires.

Client's love

Yoga Teacher and Advocate for Rest


I have attended Anandani’s yoga classes for several years.
Practicing yoga, I achieved physical and mental balance. I shed many heavy and repressing layers of my body and mind. Anandani’s yoga classes are playful, challenging, and well-rounded, with that special something that made me fall in love with the practice most naturally. 
Through coaching with Anandani, I have reached and developed personal goals beyond what the "old me" was ever daring to think of, which also align with my heart's desires and purpose.


Before practicing yoga and coaching with Anandani, I had experienced downfalls that led me to believe that I couldn't reach what felt like I wanted to. I didn't see all the strength and power I had and didn't know how to manage my capabilities to set and achieve my goals. In particular, during the coaching journey, I have learned to better listen to myself, formulate my goals (from big to small) and set a plan in action accordingly to hold myself connected and accountable.

The most valuable lesson was: "what questions to ask myself" to start each journey. 


Through the coaching, I reconnected with my natural ways of curiosity and joy. 

I achieved the first significant steps into implementing my vision with a focused, clear view of the path ahead.

I have finalized a new, improved concept for my yoga classes and the necessary talks to offer private therapy sessions and public classes. 

If you are thinking about coaching or practicing yoga with Anandani, I would advise you to completely trust and not pretend; you will be well supported and safe.