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Hi, I'm Anandani

I'm a former addict to toxic stress and the corporate hamster wheel, now a yoga teacher and energy worker helping you detox from disruptive patterns, redesign your energy, and take charge of your life and health.


I've worked for 15 years in corporate jobs, from design architect to project manager, and I fluently speak and write three languages.

​As a little girl, I was a ballerina, a self-taught multi-instrument player, and a hilarious imitator of...pretty much everything! (and I still am!)

​I adore cooking and experimenting with vegetarian and vegan dishes. 

I'm an Aries sun and rising, Virgo Moon, and I adore cats!


Born in Italy, I hold a Master’s Degree in Architecture, have worked for fifteen years in the industry in different countries, and speak English, German, and Italian fluently.

Being in contact with different cultures was incredibly important for my spiritual growth. However, in the first years of my career as an architect, all I did was move from country to country every two years and seek a sense of fulfillment and deep happiness that I couldn't find. I felt out of place in pretty much all my jobs, the cities I lived in, the identities I chose.

My life seemed to have no clear purpose or direction. Above all, it didn't truly feel like mine, as I was constantly worried about pleasing the people around me and planning all my actions to meet their expectations and get their love and appreciation. 

How it all began

Going through dark times to bloom


After a traumatic birth and a traumatic childhood, in my early twenties I witnessed the severe illness of my mum that lasted for seven years and brought her to an excruciating death. I started doubting everything I saw. 


All that couldn't be my reality!

In those seven years, I saw in front of me everything I had never wanted to see. But I was almost entirely unable to take action. I constantly felt a victim of life, like a raft in a storm. 

Who was I? Why was I going through those horrible life experiences?


I was convinced that life was happening TO ME and felt vulnerable and helpless. 

And because of the extreme stress I had been through, in my late twenties my health started deteriorating; unfortunately for allopathic doctors there was no cure for my symptoms like there was no cure for my mother's illness. I couldn't accept that, and although I wanted to take charge of my health, I didn't know how.

My Soul knew that I was meant for more, but I kept believing my mind telling me that I didn't deserve anything better. As a result, I was utterly stuck in a spiral of suffering, in jobs that felt like a prison, toxic relationships, emotional eating. I didn't recognize myself in the mirror.

One day I realized that I had reached the bottom, the darkest place. 

And that was the point where I began to bloom.


Bloom time

Spiritual Awakening

After getting up every morning for years with a sense of oppression and sadness, I started asking myself why I truly landed on this planet.

After my body’s rebellion, I started researching by myself the “how” and why” that no doctor could answer. 

I finally realized the deep interconnection between nutrition, spirit, and illnesses and realized that I had been putting my physical and emotional health in someone else' s hands for years.

No one else was responsible for my health and happiness but myself! 

Ok, but what was I doing to improve it?

The answer was: nothing! 

So very quickly, I completely changed my diet and habits; I started running in nature, listening to my breath, eating mindfully, genuinely started feeling alive, and listening to my inner voice.

One afternoon, following a friend who wanted to attend a yoga class, I discovered yoga.

And since then, it all came together.

Mindfulness in everyday life
Yoga changed my life

I started practicing yoga, listening to my body and inner voice, trusting my intuition, and strengthening my awareness and self-love. Later on, I dove deeper into several yoga practices, yogic lifestyle, meditation, and the more I reconnected with my highest Self, the better my body felt.

And magically, my reality also changed accordingly: I was suddenly surrounded by mindful, loving people who supported me in finding my true life purpose and realizing my life visions. 

Those who were creating obstacles went far away from me in various ways.

I got rid of the victim-me in a short time and created an entirely new reality around me by tuning myself with the frequencies I wanted to attract: frequencies of love, compassion, joy, and purpose.

Driven by love, not fear

I quickly realized that in many of my choices in my past life, I let my fear guide me: mainly fear of not being accepted, praised, and loved. I was always in need of other people’s approval, and I was living a big lie, wearing a mask every single day.

As soon as I surrendered to my true Self and substituted fear with love, my whole life changed. 

As I started cultivating my dreams and my natural talents, I very rapidly met the right people, got in touch with my inner child, and felt that joy that I thought I could never feel again.


That’s how I was re-born as Anandani: a Hindu name meaning joyful, in honor of my reunion with my blissful Spirit.

For the first time in my life, I felt on the right path: MY LIFE PATH, and no one else's.

Into purpose

Since awakening to my true life purpose, I have guided hundreds of Souls in their spiritual journey. Today I am a qualified yoga teacher (RYT 500), sound healer, and spiritual coach, facilitating healing and transformation for whoever feels ready to embrace a fulfilled life.

I offer personalized yoga classes, sound healing sessions, transformational retreats, one-to-one coaching, and spiritual mentoring.


As I have healed my emotional wounds, found empowerment, and created my dream life of flow and abundance, I offer my guidance to whoever feels ready to live in alignment, freedom, and fulfillment. 


If you too want to live in an empowering flow, let go of any resistance and fear

If you think you deserve a life of joy and abundance that you truly love

If you want to learn powerful techniques to manage your energy and keep your vibrations high 

If you wish to attract other heart-centered uplifting like-minded people in your life 

If you feel ready to embody your full potential and be ultimately, unapologetically you

Welcome to my reality. 

Let's take you to the next level. 

Yoga Teacher Training recognized by Yoga Alliance

  • +300 Hours Advanced Teacher Training at AIRYOGA in Zurich, with Stephen Thomas and Doug Keller (focus on Hatha, Iyengar Yoga, and Yoga Therapy)


  • 200 Hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Sanapurna in Zurich, with Poonam Stecher Sharma, Sanjeev, and Manoj Bhanot (focus on Hatha Yoga, Bihar School of Yoga lineage)

Coaching, Past Life Regression, and Sound Healing Training


  • Coaching Course with Julie Parker at the BYA in Melbourne, Australia

  • Past Life Regression Therapist Training with B. Naga Kumar at Mumuksha Centre for Transformation in Mysore, India

  • 120 hours Sound Healer Certificate with Nestor Kornblum and Michelle Averard in The Dome Center in Alcalalí, Spain

Other professional training


  • Body Mudra Course with Sri Guruji BNS Iyengar in Mysore, India

  • Prana Vinyasa Teacher Training (modules Chakra and Tantric Prana Vinyasa, Living Ayurveda, and Rasa Prana Vinyasa) with Shiva Rea in Los Angeles, USA

  • Harmonium, Kirtan, and Bhakti Yoga immersions in Zurich and Bali

Other teachers I practiced with, and forever grateful to


Karthik Krishna, Vijay Kumar (Ashtanga and Backbendings), Dr. M.A. Jayashree (Vedic Chanting), Tara Judelle (Embodied Flow™), Swami Maheshananda (Hatha Yoga and Prana Vidya) 

I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance:

My path and my teachers
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